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Sensors for Small Engine Vehicle Applications

CTS sensors for small engine vehicle applications are specially designed for small, confined spaces. But don’t let their compact size mislead. These components are built tough and reliable, just as our full-size component line. At CTS, we understand that small vehicles work hard and play hard, so our sensors are built tough to keep up with the demands of ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and small implements. Whether you’re out on the trail or cruising cross-country, rest assured that your CTS sensor will get you out there and bring you home.


Sensors for Small Engine Vehicle Applications (top to bottom):  Small Engine Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, TPS SensorLike their larger counterparts, small engine manufacturers are experiencing new demands on vehicle emissions and performance. With over 30 years of experience in automotive sensing applications, CTS is well suited to provide the small engine market with high quality and high reliability sensing components. CTS rotary and linear position sensors are engineered to keep vehicles in compliance with worldwide emissions requirements and meet various application specifications. Features include sealed spring return rotors and clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Where necessary to the application, adjustable mounting options are available.

CTS rotary and linear position sensors are ideally suited for numerous small engine vehicle applications, including:

  • Throttle Position Sensing
  • Throttle-by-Wire Control
  • Implement Positioning
  • Transmission/Drive Train Control
  • Tuned Manifold Position/Feedback
  • Active Suspension Systems


Series Description Data Sheet Download
CTS 500 Series500 Series Rotary Position Sensor

500 Series Datasheet

CTS 514 Series514 Series Rotary Position Sensor

514 Series Datasheet

CTS 525 Series525 Series Rotary Position Sensor

525 Series Datasheet

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