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Electronic Components

CTS Electronic Components
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Electronic Components

CTS provides customers with platform-based engineered components and modules, and related products, utilizing our expertise in RF design, filtering, frequency control, electromechanical, ceramic and ball-grid array technologies, and our knowledge of customer applications.

As an agile and responsive supplier, we develop, adapt, apply and deliver a broad range of engineered components consistently to customer need better than anyone else in our industry.

Everywhere. Every Day. Count on CTS to Deliver.


CTS Standard Frequency Brochure

CTS EMI Filters Brochure

CTS Thermal Products Brochure

CTS Frequency Control Products Short Form Catalog

CTS Resistor Products Short Form Catalog

CTS EC Product Line Brochure

CTS Precision Frequency Brochure

CTS Ceramic Products Brochure

 CTS Thermal Management Products

CTS Electro Components Products Short Form Catalog

CTS Ceramic Filter Products Short Form Catalog

Quartz Crystals & Oscillators
Quartz Crystals
Clock Oscillators
Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs)
Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators (VCSOs)
Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs)
Ovenized Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs)

PFOS and Deca-BDE Statement

RF & Timing Modules
Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs)
VCO/PLL Synthesizers
Frequency Translator/Jitter Attenuators
Front End Modules
Clock Generators

Buffers & Dividers
Capacitive Tuning
Cable Driver

Ceramic Components
Monoblock Filters (CER KFF)
Monoblock Duplexers (CER KFF)
ClearPlex Waveguide Filter

Tusonix EMC Products
EMI / RFI Filters, Capacitors,
and Coaxial Resonators

Piezoelectric Ceramic

Piezoelectric Ceramic Components


Resistor Products
ClearOne Terminators (BGA)
Resistor Networks
Resistor Arrays
Current Sensing Resistors
Ultra High Resistance Chip Resistor
PFOS and Deca-BDE Statement

Product Selector Guide
Potentiometer / Variable Resistors
Precision Potentiometer
Position Sensors
Optical and Mechanical Encoders
DIP Switches
Rotary & Other Power Switches
Tactile Switches
Acceleration Module
Small Engine Rotary Position Sensor

Heat Sinks/Thermal
Management Solutions
Extruded Products
Precision Forged Products
Military Products
Stamped Products
ZIF Prime Circuit Card Retainer


CTS Valpey Corporation

Valpey Products
Jan. 25, 2012 - Valpey Acquired by CTS
Nov. 17, 2011 - CTS to Acquire Valpey-Fisher