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CTS Mini-joysticks
Photo Series Description Data Sheet Product

Series 252
Series 118 - END OF LIFE
End of Life

MiniStick ™ Mini-joystick

Series 118 - END OF LIFE
End of Life

Series 254

Ultra-Miniature Joystick


What is a MiniStick™?

Two axis, Ministick™ controller with optional momentary switch features a compact size with long 1,000,000 cycle life. It is most commonly used to in gaming applications for joystick and thumb-stick control. The high reliability and accuracy of CTS' Ministicks™ makes it the choice of many gaming platform designers who demand excellence in gaming controllers.

CTS' patented 252 and 254 Ministick™ controllers have two distinct designs that provide the greatest level of design flexibility in the industry. The 252 Mini-joystick (20x21x13mm) conforms to typical two axis controller size constraints with superior performance. The ultra miniature 254 Mini-joystick (11x11x5mm) provides an even smaller package size while retaining the design options and superior performance you expect from CTS.

One or more of these products are covered by one or more of the following U.S. and/or foreign patents: US 6,353,430; US 7,199,314; CN ZL200610007462.1.