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Rotary Position Sensing

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Rotary Position Sensing

CTS develops and customizes a wide range of seating sensors, such as Seat Belt Tension Sensors, Seat Belt Buckle Switches, and Seat Track Position Sensors.


Seat Belt Tension Sensors

We are the world leader in seat belt tension sensors. These products are environmentally protected for use in vehicle interiors and come in a wide variety of mounting styles. Our seal belt tension sensor capabilities provide vital inputs to airbag deployment, effectively promoting reliability and safety.

Seat Belt Buckle Switches

Our non-contacting, Hall-effect technology seat belt buckle switches provide reliably in a variety of applications. Environmentally protected packages with and without back-biasing of the Hall-effect device are available. These switches are produced with numerous connector, routing and attachment options to suit application needs.

Our non-contacting seat belt retractor switches are used in Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) applications to detect whether the retractor ratchet has activated. These sensors are used in conjunction with the occupant detection system to control airbag deployment when a child’s seat is present.


Seat Track Position Sensors

Our seat track position sensor is an environmentally sealed, non-contacting sensor that works in conjunction with Occupant Classification Systems (OCS) and low-risk deployment airbags.

  • Hermetically sealed

  • Part packages can be adapted to fit tight spaces per the application needs

  • Available in fixed and moving magnet configurations

  • Available with an integrated harness and connectors

  • Compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and global occupancy safety regulations

  • Customized and standard solutions available

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