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CTS Product Brands and Acquisitions

At CTS, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to deliver exceptional products and services to you. We join with like-minded teams who share our vision, aiming to create a seamless and interconnected world. Our brands represent the companies with whom we've forged partnerships, working together to develop innovative solutions that better suite you.

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CTS and the maglab team in Basel, Switzerland

maglab logo



Based in Basel, Switzerland, maglab offers products designed for smart and fail-safe position and current measurement for electric mobility, renewable energy, robotics, and automation. maglab has joined teams with CTS to bring product knowledge to the next level.

Maglab Website

TEWA logo



A leading temperature sensing provider, located in Lublin, Poland, that supported the electronics market for almost half a century. TEWA and CTS joined teams in early 2022 to create a dynamic and flexible engineering team focused on providing superior temperature-sensing products and customer service. 

TEWA Products

CTS Ferroperm Piezoceramics Logo



Ferroperm Piezoceramics

A premier developer and manufacturer of high-performance piezoelectric materials and components located in Kvistgård, Denmark. Ferroperm and CTS joined teams to create a powerful, all-encompassing team that supports all facets of piezoceramics. 

Ferroperm Products 

Sensor Scientific Inc logo



Sensor Scientific (SSI)

A thermistor sensor manufacturer for nearly three decades, Sensor Scientific supported thermistors, assembly design, material, and production management. Originally located in Fairfield, New Jersey, CTS merged with SSI to help enhance product capabilities.

Sensor Scientific Products

QTI logo



QTI Sensing Solutions

An unparalleled leader with 40 years of experience in NTC and PTC thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, and temperature sensors. The QTI team joined in 2019 to expand CTS' sensing capabilities.

QTI Products

Noliac Logo



Noliac had unique proficiency in the field of piezoelectric technology. With the supporting knowledge of design, development and manufacturing, the team joined together with CTS in 2017 to help start a powerful team that could create a total range of piezoelectric products.

Noliac Products

Valpy Fisher Logo


Valpey-Fisher Corporation

CTS acquired the long-running crystal development company Valpey-Fisher in 2012.  Recognized for being a technology leader in the design and manufacturing of precision crystal oscillators including higher frequency, lower phase noise timing solutions, high-performance RF/Microwave components, integrated modules, and ultrasonic transducers.

Valpey-Fisher Products

Tusonix Logo




In Early 2008, CTS and Tusonix merged to expand technology expertise in electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference markets.

Tusonix Products

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