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CTS Elkhart Assembly Line Workers

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CTS Corporation's Story

Founded in 1896, CTS Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that range from aerospace and automotive to industrial and medical applications. The company manufactures sensors, actuators, and electronic components in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We have been part of history for almost 12 decades and plan to continue to support and develop innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers and industries. With a rich legacy of excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, we look forward to shaping the future and contributing to the next chapter of progress and success.



CTS Elkhart Engineers working on product machinery

CTS engineers at our previous headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.

CTS Timeline


A.J. and George A. Briggs

The Early Years of Innovation and Growth

Founded in 1896, the enterprising father and son team of A.J. and George A. Briggs partnered with S.A. Buffington, a Chicago lawyer, to establish Chicago Telephone Supply Company (later to become CTS).

At the time a major demand for telephones was created due to the lack of manufacturing. There was no shortage of orders, however, there was a lack of education, which would soon turn into CTS' biggest asset.

Working out of a small building near downtown Chicago, their telephones were sold through local supply houses, jobbers, and mail orders. In less than 6 years, business boomed and this small company had grown to encompass a workforce of 250 employees.


CTS Brands

Learn more about the rich history of our acquisitions, each representing a strategic step forward in our journey of growth and innovation. From the pioneering days of Chicago Telephone Supply Company to the present, our acquisitions have played a pivotal role in shaping CTS Corporation into the industry leader it is today.



cts maglab team

Men working on machinery

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