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Pedals & Foot Controls

Foot pressing on brake pedal in car

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Our portfolio consists of custom designed and standard solutions that utilize either contacting or non-contacting (Inductive and Hall-effect) technologies.  These pedals are designed to meet industry requirements for accuracy and durability and can include optional features such as kick-down, sport pads and plastic or metal pedal arms, allowing for further customization our customers demand.


CTS pedals and foot control products provide vehicle control for applications such as:

  • Passenger Vehicles (all powertrains including EV) 
  • Construction & Agriculture Equipment
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Industrial vehicles 

  • Recreational vehicles 


Next generation Drive-By-Wire and Brake-By-Wire Solutions

CTS offers customizable modular pedals for next generation "X" by Wire system for future braking and acceleration control.  These include, the eBrake™, and DrivePad™, that work with a brake-by-wire system.  Safety being at the forefront of our design process for automotive parts, these systems utilize multiple sensor technologies to protect end users. 

eBrake model from CTS Corporation

eBrake™ Brake-By-Wire Solutions

The eBrake™ eliminates the need for mechanical braking linkage in existing vehicle architecture while reducing system weight and improving energy efficiency. Because of our modular approach, solutions can be customized to ensure the best possible fit for a given vehicle. This design flexibility also allows for various mounting configurations.


DrivePad pedal models from CTS Corporation

DrivePad™ Low Travel Accelerator or Brake Control

CTS compact and low travel pedals offer vehicle manufacturers a unique opportunity to rethink the design of the footwell.  By freeing up space around the pedal, this benefits the overall packaging of the footwell without compromising drivability. 


Accelerator pedal models from CTS Corporation

Accelerator Pedals

CTS designs and manufactures both contacting and non-contacting accelerator pedals. Our non-contacting modules utilize proven Hall-effect or inductive technology, alternatively, our contacting pedals have a proven track record of delivering reliable and high-performance since they were launched over 20 years ago.   

Accelerator Pedals

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Collaborate With a Product Expert

CTS can design and deliver products that meet the unique requirements of your project. Work with a technical expert to begin your design today.

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