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Engineer looking at piezoelectric products on CTS website

5 Features of the New CTS Website

The revamped website showcases an entirely new navigation system, intuitive product selection tables, extensive technical resource downloads, and a dynamic blog section.

Blue flow meter with wire connections for monitoring

Piezoelectric Transducers for Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Ultrasonic flow meters utilize piezoelectric transducers to measure the flow of various fluids and gasses in industrial applications. Here, you can learn how such flow meters operate, and which piezoelectric elements that will provide the best performance.

Three TR series trimmer potentiometer units

TR Series Trimmer Potentiometers

Compact and cost-effective, the TR series trimmer potentiometers offer reliable circuit control for industrial applications.

Series 525 contacting rotary position sensor unit

Series 525 Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

Robust and reliable, the series 525 contacting rotary position sensor is the ideal solution for harsh environment applications.

Hand operating control panel on medical equipment with encoder technology

VR Series Panel Potentiometers for Instrumentation

The VR series panel potentiometers for are the ideal product for various instrumentation applications including medical, industrial, and consumer appliances.

Person looking at equipment

Typical Failures for Multilayer Actuators

Piezoelectric multilayer actuators have demonstrated continuous operation in harsh conditions for billions of cycles, find out what conditions cause failure for multilayer actuators.

Forklift utilizing rotary position sensors for material handling

Non-Contacting Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors

The series 285 and 286 are non-contacting rotary position sensors from CTS, utilizing the Hall-effect to provide precise angular measurements.

cts actuators and multilayer stacks on medical background

Quasi-Static Actuators

CTS provides a tutorial that provides a basic introduction to actuators for quasi-static applications. This includes a description and comparison of the different actuator designs and how a piezoelectric actuator behaves under load. Finally, the tutorial concludes on three essential points to consider, when you select your actuator for a quasi-static application.

Soldering of piezoelectric material

Piezoelectric Soldering Procedure

Soldering electrical wires to the screen-printed silver electrode makes an excellent and time-stable connection. However, occasionally there can be problems with wetting the solder tin on the silver surface and soldering can therefore be difficult.

ROV being lowered into ocean

Piezoelectric Components for UUVs

CTS manufactures piezoelectric components for unmanned underwater vehicles (UVVs), designed to perform tasks such as exploration, surveying, recovery and maintenance.

Woman handling piezoelectric component

Piezoelectric Component Handling

Piezoelectric Component Handling, storage, and cleaning

CTS piezoelectric manufacturing line

Piezoelectric Manufacturing Technology

Learn the manufacturing processes for bulk and multilayer piezoelectric components. Bulk piezoelectric components are made of one layer of piezoceramic material and multilayer piezoelectric components are made by tape casting over 100 very thin layers of piezoceramic material.

Team working in front of computer

Piezoelectric Actuators Reliability

Piezoelectric actuators have demonstrated continuous operation in harsh conditions for above 108 cycles. However, because of the many different applications, reliability will depend on many different figures.

Satellite in outer space orbiting the earth

Piezoelectric Actuators for Satellite Micro-Thrusters

Piezoelectric Actuators are utilized in satellite micro-thrusters to enable precise motion control, as they help regulate the pressure and the dispensing of the thruster propellant.

Piezoceramic Focusing Bowls and Plates for HIFU Applications

Piezoceramics for HIFU Transducers

CTS develops and manufactures piezoceramic focusing bowls and plates for medical therapeutic ultrasound applications. The company also offers piezoelectric PZT ceramic materials, optimized for high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) purposes.

CTS manufacturing specialist looking at single crystal plate

Piezoelectricity Basics

CTS provides an introduction to the basics of piezoelectricity. This includes an introduction to the nature of piezoelectricity, a description of the two main families of piezoceramic materials (hard doped and soft doped), and an overview helping you select a ceramic material.

CTS Actuators and Multilayer stacks on blue background

Piezo Actuator Connection and Control

Electrical connection to the external electrodes can be achieved by mechanical contacts, soldering, with electrically conductive adhesive or wire bonding.

Stacked plate actuator ML 5

Mounting Piezoelectric Actuators

Learn how to mount various types of piezoelectric actuators

Scratching surface of product for better adherence

Frequently Asked Piezo Questions

On this page you can find a list of frequently asked questions about our multilayer piezoelectric products. The list is divided into the different product categories.

Men working on machinery

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