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Mission Critical Solutions

CTS Corporation’s products for the aerospace and defense markets support increasing threat detection needs, expanding covert surveillance capabilities, remote vehicle capabilities (which require power and weight reductions), and military communications. Specific applications include sonobuoys, hydrophones for sonar, torpedo target acquisition, and missile control communications.

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Our Solutions

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Vast selection of piezoelectric components and technologies from CTS Corporation.

Six CTS rf filters laid out on a white background

RF Filters

CTS develops and manufactures high-end radio frequency (RF) filters used by various technologies to block out or filter certain signal frequencies.

Baby with temperature sensor tapped to arm for monitoring

Temperature Sensors

CTS offers a broad spectrum of high-quality temperature sensing solutions. Our portfolio of temperature sensors encompasses all industry-standard design approaches.

cts piezoelectric materials on white background


We offer high-performance piezoelectric materials for various applications, including bimorphs, high-frequency sensors, transducers, and MEMS devices. More than 95% of our products are tailored to customers’ requirements and include all normal geometries, e.g. discs, plates, rings, tubes, hemispheres, and focusing bowls in all industrial-grade materials. 


CTS Temperature sensors and thermistors on transparent background

Temperature Sensors

CTS offers a broad spectrum of high-quality temperature sensing solutions. Our portfolio of temperature sensors encompasses all industry-standard design approaches including PTC and NTC thermistors, pure metal resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and thermocouples. Also available are our DirecTemp® USB connected thermometers and our highly customizable temperature probes with options for sensing method and element, housing, wiring and more. 

Temperature Sensors

CTS RF Filters and antennas on white background

RF Filters

CTS designs Alternating Current (AC) draw sensors and clamp-on magnetic field concentrators for electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) motors using Hall-effect technology. 

RF Filters



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Hand operating control panel on medical equipment with encoder technology

VR Series Panel Potentiometers for Instrumentation

The VR series panel potentiometers for are the ideal product for various instrumentation applications including medical, industrial, and consumer appliances.

ROV being lowered into ocean

Piezoelectric Components for UUVs

CTS manufactures piezoelectric components for unmanned underwater vehicles (UVVs), designed to perform tasks such as exploration, surveying, recovery and maintenance.

Satellite in outer space orbiting the earth

Piezoelectric Actuators for Satellite Micro-Thrusters

Piezoelectric Actuators are utilized in satellite micro-thrusters to enable precise motion control, as they help regulate the pressure and the dispensing of the thruster propellant.

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