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9mm Panel Commercial Potentiometer

The VR series product family constitute CTS' panel potentiometer solutions. All models are available with and without bushing, horizontal and vertical mount styles, various standard resistance values and a variety of tapers. The 09VR is the smallest model of the series at 9mm. It has a rotational life span of 5000 cycles and feature a rotational torque of 10-80 GF·CM.

  • Miniature 9mm Package Size
  • Rotational Life of 5,000 Cycles
  • Wide Temperature Range (-10°C to +70°C)
  • Mechanical Travel Options (280° and 300°)
  • Variety of Standard Resistances and Tapers

  • Consumer Portable Electronics
  • Commercial Appliances
  • Instrument Amplifiers and Guitar Effects
  • Keyboards and Synthesizers
  • Communications Equipment
Element TypeCarbon Composition
Package (mm)9
Power (W)0.05
Rotational Life (Cycles)5000
Resistance (Ω)5k to 500k
Terminal TypePC pins

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