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12CE series encoder

12mm Rotary Encoder with Illuminated Shaft

The series 12CE is a versatile mechanical rotary encoder that can be employed across many applications whereever a human-machine interaction is warranted. The encoder can be fitted with sleeve or thread bushing (horizontal and vertical) and comes with options for detents and a momentary push switch. Unique to the 12CE is the option of illuminated LED backlit shafts in single, dual or tri-color, making it well suited for use in low-visibility environments.

  • Compact 12 mm Package Size
  • Single, Dual and Tri-Color LED Backlit Shaft
  • Rotational Life of 30,000 Cycles
  • Switch Life of 20,000 Actuations
  • Variety of Standard Resolutions and Detent Options

  • Consumer Portable Electronics
  • Commercial Appliances
  • Instrument Amplifiers and Guitar Effects
  • Keyboards and Synthesizers
  • Communications Equipment
Technology TypeMechanical
Detents12 / 24
Package (mm)12
Rotational Life (Cycles)30000
Resolution (PPR)12, 24

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