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292 series encoder

20mm Optical Ring Encoder

The Series 292 optical ring encoder provides a reliable and durable solution to applications that require extended rotational life where traditional mechanical contacting designs fall short. The hollow shaft design allows the engineer to integrate an additional push switch or LED in the center of the unit. Power options allow for use in standard or energy efficient circuits. The integrated Schmitt trigger and pull up resistor reduces the number of components required when adding an encoder to a circuit. The reduced number of components translates into cost savings and reduction in required PCB space.

  • Compact Ø20mm Size Package
  • Rotational Life of 3 Million Cycles (1 Million with Detent)
  • 24 PPR Resolution
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-10°C to +85°C)
  • 5.0 VDC and 3.3 VDC Power Options
  • Integrated Schmitt Trigger and Pull-up Resistor

  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Industrial Automation Controls
  • Automotive HVAC Controls
  • Infotainment Controls
  • Professional Audio and Lighting Equipment
Technology TypeOptical
Package (mm)22 (Ø)
Rotational Life (Cycles)1,000,000 & 3,000,000
Resolution (PPR)24

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