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VCXO 357

Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator

The Model 357 is a ceramic packaged Voltage Controlled oscillator offering reduced size and enhanced stability. The small size means it is perfect for any application. The enhanced stability means it is the perfect choice for today’s communications applications that require tight frequency control.

  • Standard 7x5mm Surface Mount Footprint
  • HCMOS/TTL Compatible Output
  • Frequency Range 1.5 – 77.76 MHz
  • Frequency Stability, ±50 ppm Standard (25 ppm and ±20 ppm available)
  • +3.3Vdc or +5.0Vdc Operation
  • Operating Temperature to –40°C to +85°C
  • Output Enable Standard
  • Low Phase Jitter, NON-Multiplied
  • Tape & Reel Packaging
  • RoHS/Green Compliant

Download the Frequency Code Table

Frequency Range (MHz)1.5 - 80, 122.88
Frequency Stability (PPM)±20 / ±50
Noise (Jitter pS)1
Package (mm)7.0x5.0 SMD
Voltage (V)3.3V / 5.0V

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