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24mm Rotary Commercial Potentiometer

The series 450 is a well-rounded and highly customizable potentiometer that can be fitted with many mechanical alterations and tuned to specific peformance requirements. It comes in five different terminal styles including solder lugs and various PC pin layouts, four different mounting configurations including brass, die-cast and molded bushing as well as twist tab, and with metallic and molded shaft options. As for power switches, the choice is between several variants of either rotary, push-pull or push-push types. The series 450 also features a wide resistance range, high rotational torque, options for extended rotational life up to 250000 cycles and an increased working temperature range. Combined, these characteristics make the series 450 a highly adaptable, all-purpose potentiometer that can be employed in a myriad of commercial applications.

  • Versatile Mounting Styles
  • Single, Tandem and Concentric Options
  • Power Switch Available
  • Panel Seal Available
  • Wide Resistance Range
  • Low Noise Output
  • Insulated and Metal Shaft Options

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Tool Speed Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Remote Controls
Element TypeCarbon Composition
Package (mm)24
Power (W)0.33, 0.50
Rotational Life (Cycles)10000, 100000, 250000
Resistance (Ω)500 to 10M
Terminal TypePC pins / Solder Lugs

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