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Automotive-Grade Rotary Position Sensor

This Rotary Position Sensor (RPS) works on the potentiometer principle. The Rotary shaft position determines the contact location of the metal arm on the patented polymer film. Based on the contact position, the effective resistance and output voltage are calculated. Our 525 RPS design is optimized for accuracy, durability and low noise while reducing the negative effects of Axial rotor movement and electromagnetic interference. 525 RPS sensors feature a low-cost, robust design that benefits from patented technology and its small hermetically sealed package which eliminates the potential for moisture and debris penetration. With a temperature range of -40° to 150°C and IP6K9K rating, our 525 RPS is versatile to be used in in-cabin application or engine under-hood applications. Please contact CTS if you are interested in using our RPS to determine linear movement position using Kinematic mechanism principle.

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  • Field proven (over 13 million units delivered)
  • Leak-proof rotor and cover seals
  • Suitable for Harsh environment such as Engine compartment
  • Mates with Metri-Pack® 150 Series PS2 connector
  • Spring loaded “Tang Drive”
  • No electromagnetic interference issues


  • Industrial
  • Off Road
  • Harsh Environments
  • Agriculture
Technology TypeContact
Package Size (mm)57 x 35
Rotation Angle97°
Rotational Life (Cycles)>1M
LinearityAbsolute scale over full range +- 2.0%
Voltage5.0 - 10.0 VDC

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