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Soft PZT

Pz29 is optimized to fit high sensitivity and high displacement applications. It exhibits very high coupling factors and ditto piezoelectric charge coefficient. It is, however, more temperature dependent compared to most other soft PZT materials.

Series Resources

  • High Coupling Factors
  • High Piezoelectric Charge Coefficients
  • Low Mechanical Quality Factor

  • 1D/2D Medical Arrays for Imaging Systems
  • Inkjet Printheads
  • Actuators for Medical, Electronic and Optical Control Systems
  • NDT Sensors with High Sensitivity
Relative Dielectric Constant2820
Dielectric Dissipation Factor0.019
Curie Temperature (°C)235
Mechanical Quality Factor90
Coupling Coefficient k330.75
Coupling Coefficient kt0.51
Piezo Coefficient d31-240
Piezo Coefficient d33575

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