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Hard PZT

Pz89 is a dedicated high-power PZT material that serves as a direct substitute for all Navy III materials. Its crystallographic structure enables it to withstand greater mechanical stress than other hard PZT materials without depolarizing, making it a good choice for applications where power output must be maximized.

Series Resources

  • Navy III Replacement
  • Dedicated High-Power Material
  • Low Dielectric Loss
  • High Mechanical Quality factor
  • Good Coupling Factors

  • High-Power Underwater Transducers
  • Medical High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
Relative Dielectric Constant1180
Dielectric Dissipation Factor0.003
Curie Temperature (°C)320
Mechanical Quality Factor>1000
Coupling Coefficient k330.65
Coupling Coefficient kt0.47
Piezo Coefficient d31-108
Piezo Coefficient d33280

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