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Piezoceramic Plates, Wafers, Bars and Wedges

CTS Bulk Piezoceramic Plates in different sizes

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Plates, Wafers, Bars and Wedges

Piezoelectric ceramic plates, wafers, bars and wedges from CTS are characterized by their versatility and the ease with which they can be manufactured and subsequently integrated in a given application. These components excel in applications where unidirectional force or displacement is required or where uniform deformation is needed for consistent displacements or vibrations.      



  • Versatile, General-Purpose Product
  • Easy to Manufacture and Integrate
  • Highly Customizable
  • Stable and Durable
  • Lead-Free and High-Temperature Options


  • Medical Ultrasound Imaging
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Active Vibration Control
  • Sonar Arrays
  • Haptic Feedback 
  • Drop-On-Demand Inkjet

Add-Ons and Custom Solutions

The majority of piezoelectric components from CTS are custom designed for specific applications with unique requirements. Our capabilities for piezoceramic plates, wafers, bars and wedges include:

  • Machined Features
  • Burn-In
  • Electrode Materials (Silver, Gold, Nickel-Vanadium etc.)
  • Inspection
  • Special Tolerances
  • Electrode Designs (Wrap-Around, Concentric, Segmented etc.)


Common Shapes and Size Ranges

Piezoceramic plates, wafers, bars and wedges can be produced in this range:
*Please note that not all combinations are available.

Technical Specifications
Length 0.4 mm to 170 mm
Width 0.4 mm to 170 mm
Thickness 0.2 mm to 25 mm
Thickness (HD Materials) 0.076 mm to 25 mm
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Piezoceramic Composites from CTS Corporation on white background

Piezoceramic Composites

Piezoceramic composites combine high piezoelectric activity and electromechanical coupling with mechanical flexibility. They are commonly used for medical imaging and therapeutic ultrasound.

Piezoelectric Contact Transducer from CTS Corporation on white background

Contact Transducers

CTS contact transducers are used for solid body measurement such as non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring.

Round piezoceramic assembly from CTS Corporation

Piezoceramic Stacks and Assemblies

Customized stacks and assemblies for unique application designs and requirements.

Thin Piezoelectric Single Crystal Plates from CTS Corporation on white background

Single Crystal Plates, Wafers and Bars

Commonly employed in medical ultrasound imaging, single crystal plates are versatile and reliable components that offer even stress distribution and accurate frequency control.

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