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Glass Thermistors

Resistance Temperature Detector being tested

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Glass probe thermistors are best suited in applications that require high stability and ruggedness. Four standard outer diameters give manufacturers the ease and flexibility to place thermistors into the product design of where other probes could compromise the housing design and the successful use of the thermistor. Although used for many different reasons, applications typically include:

  • Fluid Level Measurement
  • Fluid Flow Measurements
  • Temperature Measurements
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Thermal Conductivity Measurement

Glass probes have many beneficial features, which is why they are so frequently used. They have superior stability when compared to other sensors, are robustly constructed and are hermetically sealed. If glass probes do not fit your application needs, consider small glass bead thermistors. These beads offer small size and are known for their fast-thermal response time. They are very sensitive to both voltage and current changes. Typical applications for these devices include:

  • Thermodilution Cardiac Catheters
  • Biomedical Assemblies
  • Fluid Flow
  • Fluid Level Measurement
  • Gas Analysis
  • Small Surface Temperature Measurements

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Three Glass Thermistors of varying sizes

Glass-encapsulated thermistors are typically comprised of three specific components that are combined to create hermetically sealed glass probes

  1. Thermistor Chip (Transition Metal Oxide) 
  2. Glass Bead 
  3. Dumet Lead Wires Made of Copper and Iron 

Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors Features:

  • Reduced moisture penetration, preventing errors in resistance readings (even in high-temperature operations). 
  • Compact size, allowing for integration into most preexisting structures and housings. 
  • Fast and accurate temperature sensing. 
  • Cost-effective compared to many other temperature probes.. 
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to +300 Celsius.
  • Customization options for resistance, tolerance and size.
  • Extensive testing capabilities with in-house lab.
  • Aerospace and military grade standards available.
  • Automotive Transportation 
  • Airplane and Space 

  • Food and Beverage.

  • HVAC Systems 

  • Household Appliances (Coffee Makers, Ovens, Refrigerators)

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment

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