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Piezoelectric Component Handling

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Piezoelectric Component Handling, Storage, and Handling


There are no particular storage restrictions for piezoelectric ceramic components. It is however important to make sure that the components are dry before a voltage is applied, therefore it is recommended to store them in a dry environment or to dry them thoroughly before they are used. Heat drying is well adapted, for example 24h at 110°C, if possible in low-pressure environment.


Piezoelectric ceramic components are fragile and must be handled with care.

  • Prevent the components from hitting each other, keep components separate
  • Particularly for tall, narrow stacks, make sure that no bending is induced
  • Use plastic tweezers and tools rather than metallic ones
  • Use gloves to avoid contamination
  • Do not apply excessive force on the pre-attached wires

When submitted to a force or to temperature changes, be aware that piezoelectric actuators will generate charge (i.e. voltage), so they must be properly discharged through a resistor before use. It is recommended to keep larger components short-circuited during shipment and storage.


For the cleaning of ceramic components, we recommend isopropyl-alcohol (propanol) or ethanol. The components have to be thoroughly dried before use.

If needed, components can be fully submerged in solvent, however for stacked actuators we recommend to limit the exposure to a few seconds to avoid weakening of the epoxy.

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