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Piezoelectric Actuators Reliability

Piezoelectric actuators have demonstrated continuous operation in harsh conditions for above 108 cycles. However, because of the many different applications, reliability will depend on many different figures.

Forklift utilizing rotary position sensors for material handling

Non-Contacting Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors

The series 285 and 286 are non-contacting rotary position sensors from CTS, utilizing the Hall-effect to provide precise angular measurements.

cts actuators and multilayer stacks on medical background

Quasi-Static Actuators

CTS provides a tutorial that provides a basic introduction to actuators for quasi-static applications. This includes a description and comparison of the different actuator designs and how a piezoelectric actuator behaves under load. Finally, the tutorial concludes on three essential points to consider, when you select your actuator for a quasi-static application.