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Automotive Position Sensors

Man leaning in car driver seat with seatbelt on

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CTS is a leading designer and manufacturer of high speed and positional sensors (including very low travel options) offering standard and custom solutions for all transportation markets. We offer comprehensive expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and testing, supported by a global network of engineering, sales and manufacturing locations.  We can help you find an existing solution to meet your needs, or guide you through the process of co-developing a custom design, unique to your requirement build based on CTS’ proven sensor technology. 

Our sensor products are critical components, typically used in demanding environments relating to safety, fuel economy, and emission controls. Available in non-contacting (Hall-effect and inductive) and contacting technologies, CTS is known for its design, quality, flexibility, and responsiveness. 


CTS Position Sensors provide solutions for applications such as:

  • Wide range of rotary and linear solutions available.

  • Non-contacting and contacting technology options

  • Customized and standard solutions available for a range of applications

  • Global product and technical support

  • Multiple electrical interfaces: SENT, PWM, Analogue, PSI 5


Position Sensors for eMobility & Transportation

high speed position sensors on white background

High-Speed Position Sensors

CTS high-speed position sensors are devices used to accurately measure the position of an object or component in real-time, particularly in applications where rapid movements occur. These sensors are designed to provide precise positional feedback at high speeds, enabling control systems to respond quickly and accurately to changes in position. Today, the high-speed sensors are finding themselves in Traction Motors for electrified powertrains with CTS solutions being developed for side mount and end of shaft applications.

High-Speed Position Sensors

Chassis Position Sensor on white background

Chassis Position Sensors

CTS has a wide range of sensing capabilities with custom design and application knowledge. Typical designs consist of multiple electrical interfaces and rotary sensor technologies for the most accurate and durable designs.

Chassis Sensors

Linear position sensor on white background

Pedal Position Sensors

As an industry leader in pedal position technology, we offer customizable products and capabilities ranging from a simple switch to a dual output sensor. From accelerators to clutches and brakes, rotary or linear, contacting or non-contacting (Hall-effect), we have a solution.

Pedal Position Sensors

three throttle position sensors on white background

Throttle Position Sensors

We are well-positioned to provide the small engine market with high-quality and high-reliability sensing components. We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing automotive sensing products that meet the rugged demands of engine and vehicle applications.

Throttle Position Sensors

Seat position sensor on white background

Seat Position Sensors

Our non-contacting, seat track sensors are fitted to the seat rail to ensure the correct deployment of an airbag.  Our long stroke sensors are designed to determine the absolute position of the seat as it moves backwards and forwards.

Seat Position Sensors

Two transmission sensors from CTS Corporation

Transmission Sensors

Our transmission range sensors are used to determine the position of the transmission.

Transmission Sensors

Turbo application sensor from CTS Corporation

Turbo Application Sensors

Our linear sensors are engineered to keep vehicles in compliance with worldwide emissions and performance requirements. These sensors provide feedback to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and are used extensively in turbocharger applications, including variable vane and wastegate systems.

Turbo Application Sensors

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Collaborate With a Product Expert

CTS can design and deliver products that meet the unique requirements of your project. Work with a technical expert to begin your design today.

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