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OCXO 197

High Stability OCXO

CTS Model 197 is a high stability double oven OCXO developed to meet stringent Long-Term Evolution (LTE) performance requirements, offering 1.0 ppb (p-p) temperature stability over the industrial temperature range. It provides excellent 1 μsec typical holdover performance with ±10°C temperature variation. Other applications ideally suited for this OCXO include high performance instrumentation, communications systems, and rubidium replacement.

  • 1 μsec typical for 8 hou8-hourover
  • ±0.2 ppb stability over industrial temperature range
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Sinewave or HCMOS Output
  • Industry Standard 36 x 27 mm miniature package

  • High-performance instrumentation
  • Communications systems
  • Rubidium replacement.
Frequency Range (MHz)10
Frequency Stability (ppb)0.2 pk-pk / 0.5 pk-pk / 0.8 pk-pk / 1 pk-pk
Package (mm)36x27x13 Thru-Hole
Voltage (V)12.0V / 5.0V

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