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4700 series surface mount filter

Surface Mount Filters 4700-003

CTS provides surface mount EMI filters that have the highest current handling with the finest pitch to support the best board density for protecting systems with numerous parallel high-power lines. They are offered in both Pi-Type and C-Type filters providing up to 8.2nF, support for up to 100Vdc working voltages, up to 20A of current, and able to provide up to 70dB of rejection at 100MHz and 1GHz. Our high-power filters occupy only 3.2mm of PCB width which is the narrowest in the industry for 10A and 20A rated filters.

Series Resources

  • Excellent Performance
  • Easy Placement
  • Excellent Solderability
  • Reduces PCB Component Count

Circuit TypePi
Mount TypeSurface Mount
Body TypeSquare
Current (A)10

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Where to Buy

CTS components are stocked and sold through a global network of distributors & sales representatives. Select your preferred partner in the link below.

Where to Buy