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CTS Thermistor Series M32192/3 on white background

NTC Thermistor Die

The high-reliability M32192/3 NTC chip precision thermistor is designed for wire bonding applications found in hybrid circuitry. The “Top-Bottom” electrodes are available in silver or gold termination finishes for high-reliability conductive epoxy/wire bonded attachment. These NTC chips thermistors accommodate most industry standard attachment methods and are ideal for applications requiring narrow band, temperature point matching control, and are also available in a commercial version. Several bas resistance and curve combinations are available to suit a wide range of temperature compensation applications.

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  • NTC thermistor chip
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Standard resistance range at 25°C: 15 to 20M ohms
  • Power rating: 0.0625 W at 25°C, derate to 0 W at 125°C
  • Thermal time constant: 10 seconds max in still air*
  • Dissipation constant: 0.625 mW/°C min in still air*
  • Curves: A, B, H
  • Tolerances: 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%
  • Available with Sn/Pb or Au terminators
  • Commercial options available
  • RoHS compliant options available

* Depends on Mounting


  • Die attach and wire bonding in hybrid circuitry
  • Localized temperature sensing, compensation, protection and frequency control for sensitive communciations systems and infared sensing equipment
Sensor TypeNTC
Temperature Range-55°–125°
Beta ValueCustom

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