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CTS thermistors are temperature sensors using the variable electrical resistances of their semiconductor resistor elements to determine temperature. Typically employing a ceramic resistor element, the electrical resistance of thermistors varies greatly over temperature, meaning that even slight changes will be registered and measurable. Based on either the positive temperature coefficient (PTC) where the resistance increases with rising temperatures, or the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) where the resistance decreases as temperatures rise, thermistors are a cost-effective and highly customizable means of temperature sensing. They posses great sensitivity, fast response times and excel at measurements in a multitude of applications operating in a moderate and clearly defined temperature spectrum. 

Thermistors from CTS come with customization options for resistor material, size, tolerances, temperature range, coating and assembly, ensuring a product that will fit your exact specifications. Explore our thermistor solutions below, and don't hesitate to reach out to our product experts for more information.

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Why Use a Thermistor?

  • Economical Cost: Thermistors are the economical choice in temperature sensing. Not only are they less expensive to purchase, but there are no calibration costs during installation or during the service life of the sensor. In addition, interchangeable thermistors can be swapped out without calibration.
  • Quick Temperature Response: Due to their small size, thermistors can respond very quickly to slight changes in temperature.
  • No Calibration Required: Properly manufactured thermistors are aged to reduce drift before leaving the factory. Therefore, thermistors can provide a stable resistance output over long periods.
  • Greater Accuracy and Resolution: Thermistors are available with base resistances (at 25°C) ranging from tens to millions of ohms. This high resistance reduces the effect of resistance in the lead wires.
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Boilers and Water Heating
  • Automotive Systems
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Industrial Processes
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