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NASA GSFC S-311-P-18

CTS Thermistor Series NASA GSFC S-311-P-18 on white background

NTC Space Level NASA GSFC S-311-P-18

Space Level NASA GSFC specified NTC precision thermistor meets or exceeds all the requirements of NASA/GSFC S-311-P-18. These thermistors can either be insulated or non-insulated, include a specified bead color, and are used for temperature compensation, control and/or measurement over the specified temperature range during extended flight in space.

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  • NTC thermistor
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to 90°C
  • Standard resistance range at 25°C: 2.25k to 30k ohms
  • Power rating: 0.200 W at 25°C, derate to 0 W at 125°C
  • Thermal time constant: 10/20/25 seconds max in still air*
  • Dissipation constant: 1 mW/°C min in still air
  • Curves: B, M
  • Interchangeable tolerances: +/- 0.1°C or +/-0.2°C
  • #28-#32 AWG leads available
  • Lead length: 7.6-100cm
  • Insulation and bead color can be specified
  • Acceptable for use in NASA space programs specifying quality level (Grade) 1 parts
  • Single lot traceability

*Depends on lead type configuration


  • Temperature compensation, control and meausrement
Sensor TypeNTC
Temperature RangeCustom
Beta ValueCustom

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