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Low Pass Filter RLF0380A

< 3.8GHz “Rooftop” Lowpass Filter

With low IL, provides additional attenuations to assure compatibility with high-frequency bands.

Series Resources

  • Superior power handling and reliability
  • Provides rejection over 5.15-7.6GHz for use with USB/USD/MMB/CMB/CMD.
  • Directly solders to PCB

  • Wireless Infrastructure applications
Frequency Band Number42 / 43 / 48
Passband Frequency Range (MHz)3300-3800
Stopband Frequency Range4600-8400
Stopband Attenuation Range> 40 dB
Max Insertion Loss (dB)< 0.5 dB
Power (W)20W Avg, 200W Peak
L x W x H14x9x8

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