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A diplexer is a device capable of either combining or separating signals at different frequencies. They are commonly employed throughout telecommunication and radio frequency engineering, typically when multiple signals of varying frequencies need to share a single atenna or cable. The diplexer can combine these into a single, transmissible signal. Occasionally, diplexers are used conversely to separate signals, for instance to route signals of different frequencies to their respective receivers and transmitters.

CTS diplexer solutions mainly consist of the XCBC series and the DPX series. The former is ideal for diplexing of widely separated bands, whereas the latter is best suited for narrowly spaced bands. Yet, the two series can be flexibly used together to create 3- or 4-way mutliplexers. All of them share a universal footprint for easy PCB population of any frrequency version.     


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Two diplexer units from CTS corporation

Features for Narrowband Diplexers (DPX)

  • Reliable Surface-Mounted Ceramic Filters
  • Combining of Neighboring Frequency Bands
  • Antenna Sharing in Multi-Band Small Cells, DAS and Repeater Systems

Features for Wideband Combiners (XCBC)

  • Complements DPX with Wideband Combining
  • Enables High-Power Antenna Sharing

Shared Features

  • Universal PCB Footprint
  • Options for Size, Bandpass Range, Attentuation, Max. Insertion Loss and Power 
  • Wireless Infrastructure Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • TDS-CDMA Infrastructure
  • Satellite Communication
  • Radio Broadcasting
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CTS Ceramic Monoblock Surface Mounting

Application Note / Tech Brief

CTS Advanced Materials Solutions (AMS) - Product Brochure thumbnail

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RF Filters - Duplexer Brochure

CTS RF Filters - Duplexer Brochure

CTS’ ceramic duplexers are well-suited for use in indoor and outdoor small cells as well as distributed antenna systems (DAS), active antenna systems (AAS), remote radio heads and other wireless infrastructure systems

Brochures / Catalogs

CTS Diplexers with Antispoof/Antijam Capabilities - Tech Brief

Application Note / Tech Brief

CTS Monoblock RF Filter Testing

Application Note / Tech Brief

Monoblock VNA Calibration Method - CTS Corporation

Application Note / Tech Brief

Visual Characteristics of Ceramic Filters - CTS Corporation

Application Note / Tech Brief

VNA 3.5mm APC Calibration Method - CTS Corporation

Application Note / Tech Brief


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