DIP Switches


DIP Switches

Our slide DIP switch versions are available in a broad range of low-profile, half-pitch (.05 inch), standard-pitch (.1 inch), through hole, and surface mount options. Our unique design and construction allows for superior Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection. We offer top, right angle, or side actuation styles; select styles are available with a choice of gold-plated or economical tin-plated contacts. Custom marking is also available. Our DIP switch product line includes SPST, SPDT, DPST, and 3PST circuit switching options. Optional bottom epoxy seals and removable top tape seals on the side of the actuator protect the switches during soldering and board washing.

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  • Model & AvailabilityTypeMountingCircuitPositionsContactsData SheetCAD File
    221RotarySurface Mount-Full Wing, Through-HoleBinary Coded Decimal, Hexadecimal Output10, 16GoldData Sheet
    220RotarySurface Mount-Gull Wing, Through HoleBinary Coded Decimal, Hexadecimal Output4, 10, 16GoldData Sheet
    195Hand InsertionThrough-HoleSPST2-12Non-GoldData SheetCAD Files
    194Hand InsertionThrough-HoleSPST2-12GoldData Sheet
    206Hand InsertionThrough-HoleSPST, SPDT, DPST, 3PST1-10 & 12GoldData Sheet
    204Surface MountSurface MountSPST, SPDT, DPST, 3PST1-10 & 12GoldData SheetCAD Files
    208Hand InsertionThrough-HoleSPST, SPDT, DPST, 3PST1-10 & 12Non-GoldData Sheet
    206RAHand InsertionThrough-HoleSPST, SPDT, DPST, 3PST2-10 & 12Gold / Non-GoldData Sheet
    208RAHand InsertionThrough-HoleSPST, SPDT, DPST, 3PST2-10 & 12Gold / Non-GoldData Sheet
    218Auto-Insertable/Auto-PlaceableSurface MountSPST2-12GoldData Sheet
    219Auto-Insertable/Auto-PlaceableSurface MountSPST2-10 & 12GoldData Sheet
    209Auto-Insertable/Auto-PlaceableThrough-HoleSPST2-10 & 12GoldData Sheet
    210Auto-Insertable/Auto-PlaceableThrough-HoleSPST2-10 & 12Gold FlashData Sheet
    193Side ActuatedSurface MountSPST2-10GoldData SheetCAD Files

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