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Custom Modular Pedal

The CTS eBrake™ is a custom modular pedal that operates as a brake-by-wire technology designed for electronic braking systems (EBS). Safety being at the forefront of our design process for automotive parts, this system utilizes multiple sensor technologies to protect end users.


A Brake-by-Wire Solution for Electric Vehicles

CTS’ eBrake™ enables OEMs to implement brake-by-wire, a type of electronic braking system (EBS) as well as controlling more established electrical controlled hydraulic brake systems (EHB) without the need for mechanical input.  The technology also enables the streamlining of foot well packaging and reduces the space required for brake pedal movement.

Our solution provides the driver with a better braking experience by creating a smoother, more premium feel. When force is applied to the eBrake™, rather than triggering a mechanical force in the hydraulic system, electronic position signals are sent to the braking system. This system also creates more free engine bay space, enabling more commonality between LHD and RHD vehicles and reducing vehicle design and production costs.

CTS ebrake emulator

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Electric car application

  • Opens Up Engine Bay Space - Electronic brake control allows for more flexibility with part placement in the engine bay and commonality with RHD and LHD platforms.
  • Multiple Position Sensors - Increase end-user protection with complementary sensor technologies to ensure safety and reliability in emergency situations.
  • Traditional Brake Feel - Maximize customer confidence with a brake pedal that operates and feels familiar yet improved with a smooth and premium motion.
  • Modular Design - Eliminate complexity, ensure supply with a standardized construction process, and design flexibility for various mounting configurations.

The eBrake™ eliminates the need for mechanical braking linkage in existing vehicle architecture, while reducing system weight and improving energy efficiency. Because of our modular approach, solutions can be customized to ensure the best possible fit for a given vehicle. This design flexibility also allows for various mounting configurations. 

Safety being at the forefront of our design process for automotive parts, this system utilizes multiple sensor technologies to protect end users. By integrating both Hall-effect and inductive position sensors, there is no single chip supplier, and a backup sensing method is always available. The eBrake™ also supports ASIL D systems, for manufacturers whose architecture includes both a primary and secondary braking system.

CTS has been creating innovative automotive pedal solutions for over four decades. As we continue to expand our support of EV technology, this new product is one more way for us to partner with leading vehicle manufacturers in their electrification journey.

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CTS offers a custom modular pedal that works with a brake-by-wire system. Safety being at the forefront of our design process for automotive parts, this system utilizes multiple sensor technologies to protect end users.

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