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For over 20 years, CTS has been delivering accelerator pedal solutions to our customers around the globe. With over 150 million pedals in the field, CTS has the experience and expertise to deliver. Whether you are designing foot controls for electric, hybrid, internal combustion, passenger cars, or commercial vehicles, CTS will help you find the right solutions.

With the expertise and experience of designing pedals for over twenty years, CTS is evolving the way vehicle manufacturers and drivers think about foot controls. DrivePad™ transforms the way that we design a footwell and drive a vehicle. DrivePad™ is a flush-mount / floor-hinged, low-travel accelerator or brake pedal that saves space, improves safety, and enhances the driving environment without impacting drivability. 


DrivePad™ is an easy to drive, safe alternative to traditional pedals that offers packaging and space saving benefits in a simplistic design.

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  • Opens Up Engine Bay Space - Electronic brake control allows for more flexibility with part placement in the engine bay and commonality with RHD and LHD platforms.
  • Weight / Mass Savings - Drivepad™ creates the potential to save up to 500g compared to conventional pedals.
  • Minimize Pedal travel - DrivePad™ can be configured to operate accelerator or brake control and features incredibly low travel of 2-20mm. 
  • Transform the Driving Experience - OEMs can transform the way drivers experience their vehicles with flexible pedal mounting configurations. Drivepad™ is desighned to be used in applicaitons requiring either flush mount or floor-hinged foot control. 
  • Drive-by-Wire Systems: Most electric vehicles utilize drive-by-wire systems, where the accelerator pedal's position is electronically sensed and translated into commands for the electric motor controller. Unlike traditional mechanical linkages, this electronic control allows for more precise and customizable throttle response.

  • Regenerative Braking Control: Electric vehicles often feature regenerative braking systems, which convert kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration and braking. The accelerator pedal in an EV may incorporate regenerative braking control, where lifting off the pedal reduces power to the motor and activates regenerative braking to slow the vehicle, effectively using the motor as a generator.

  • Throttle Mapping: Electric vehicles can have customizable throttle mapping, where the response of the electric motor to accelerator pedal inputs can be adjusted. This allows manufacturers to tailor the driving experience, with options for linear or progressive throttle response, and may provide different driving modes such as eco, comfort, or sport.

  • One-Pedal Driving: Some electric vehicles offer one-pedal driving modes, where the accelerator pedal controls both acceleration and deceleration. When the driver lifts off the accelerator, regenerative braking engages automatically, slowing the vehicle without needing to use the brake pedal. This feature can enhance energy efficiency and reduce wear on the brake system.

  • Integration with Vehicle Dynamics Control: The accelerator pedal's input is often integrated with other vehicle dynamic control systems, such as traction control and stability control. These systems can adjust motor torque in response to accelerator pedal inputs to optimize traction and stability in various driving conditions.

  • Driver Assistance Features: In advanced electric vehicles, the accelerator pedal's input can be used in conjunction with other driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. The vehicle's onboard systems may modulate motor torque based on accelerator pedal inputs to maintain a safe following distance and keep the vehicle within its lane.

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CTS can design and deliver products that meet the unique requirements of your project. Work with a technical expert to begin your design today.

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