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High-Speed Position Sensors

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High-Speed Position Sensors

A critical aspect to monitor in electric vehicles is the position of the motor’s rotor, which in combination with the stator, generates the torque that propels the vehicle forward. By measuring the angular position of the rotor, and, thereby calculating its rotational speed, crucial information about the motor’s operation is relayed to the EV control unit (EV-ECU).

To help improve the energy efficiency of EVs, CTS is introducing a new high-speed motor position sensor, designed specifically for electric engines. Replacing traditional resolver technology, this electronic resolver solution operates on the principles of induction sensing.


Speed Sensors

Our speed sensors are environmentally sealed and can be provided in integral connector or pigtail packaging. Our laser welded seal offers the ability to reduce costs and improve reliability on the electronic chip by preventing induced stresses on mechanical joints internal to the product. Package diameters can also be reduced to as small as 10mm in diameter.

These sensors can be conventionally packaged at the wheel. Additionally, they can be mounted as caps or as smaller packages between rows within the bearing. Environmental protection is paramount in sensor reliability; our laser welded seals and molding technologies are utilized extensively to fulfill this need.

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  • Proven performance and reliability in rugged environments

  • Best-in-class laser welded construction that improves field reliability 

  • Side and end read speed sensor options available

  • Available with an integrated harness and connectors

  • Accuracy level of <1% at speeds around 250,000 eRPMs

  • Customized and standard solutions are available

CTS engineers high-speed position sensors for electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). These sensors have an accuracy level of <0.5% at speeds <250,000 eRPMs.

Designed using inductive technology, our position sensors can be customized for unique customer application needs. Our team partners with customers to design sensors that are guaranteed to fit specific motor shaft requirements, saving customers from spending time and resources searching for an off-the-shelf product that may not be the best fit.

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