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Piezoceramic Bowls and Hemispheres

Bulk Piezoceramic Bowls and Hemispheres from CTS on white background

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Bowls and Hemispheres

CTS piezoceramic bowls and hemispheres are ideal for therapeutic medical ultrasound applications and acoustic communitation (hydrophones), respectively. Thanks to their unique geometry, these components can focus ultrasonic energy onto a pin-pointed location and provide homogenous performance in multiple directions. 



  • High-Quality Product
  • High Acoustic Power Generation
  • 10MHz Operating Frequency
  • High Machining Accuracy for Precise Focusing


  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Underwater Communication
  • Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Surgery
  • Cancer and Kidney Stone Treatment 

Add-Ons and Custom Solutions

The majority of piezoelectric components from CTS are custom designed for specific applications with unique requirements. Our capabilities for piezoceramic bowls and hemispheres include:

  • Machined Features
  • Burn-In
  • Electrode Materials (Silver, Gold, Nickel-Vanadium etc.)
  • Inspection
  • Special Tolerances
  • Electrode Designs (Wrap-Around, Concentric, Segmented etc.)


Common Shapes and Size Ranges

Our piezoceramic bowls and hemispheres can be produced in this range:
*Please note that not all combinations are available.

Technical Specifications
Outer Diameter < 65mm
Frequency < 10MHz
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Round piezoceramic assembly from CTS Corporation

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Piezoceramic Composites

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Piezoceramic Plates, Wafers, Bars and Wedges

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