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Immersion Transducers

Piezoelectric Immersion Transducers from CTS Corporation on white background

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Immersion Transducers

CTS immersion transducers are designed for operation in fluids and media with an acoustic impedance of around 1 MRayl. They are applicable through many fields including the medical, industrial and underwater markets.



  • Small to Large Series
  • In-House Piezo Manufacture
  • Lead-Free Options
  • Customizable Designs
  • Injection Molding Capability 


  • Transit Time Flowmeter
  • Dry Run Monitor
  • Speed Log
  • Doppler Systems
  • Underwater Applications
  • Vortex Flow Meters

Add-Ons and Custom Solutions

CTS offers both built-to-print piezoelectric sensors and unique designs based on customer specifications. Existing solutions can also be amended and improved upon. Additionally, the following services can be provided:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis
  • Sample Analysis
  • Prototype Manufacture
  • Process Development
  • Cost Optimization


Specification Ranges

Piezoelectric transducers can be designed according to customer specifications.

The table below only presents some of our capabilities.

Technical Specifications
Housing Material Polymers (PEEK), Stainless Steel, Brass
Frequency Range 40kHz to 8MHz
Operating Mode Pulse-Echo, Impedance
Electrical Interface Pigtail, Connector, Loose Wires
Acceptance Testing Sensitivity, Water-Proof, Pulse - Echo, Impedance
Additional Functions Temperature, Vibration
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Piezoceramic Rings from CTS Corporation

Piezoceramic Discs, Rings and Rods

The radial symmetry of these components makes for very efficient energy coupling and provides uniform stress distribution. Often used in sonars, flowmeters and high-power ultrasonics.

Bulk Piezoceramic Bowls and Hemispheres from CTS on white background

Piezoceramic Bowls and Hemispheres

Concave-shaped piezoceramic components, ideal for focusing ultrasonic energy onto a pinpoint target. Bowls and hemispheres are typically imployed in medical therapeutics to provide high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

Piezoelectric Bimorph from CTS Corporation on white background

Multilayer - Bimorphs and Assemblies

Piezoelectric bimorphs take advantage of the bending/flexing mode, functioning as actuators in e.g., audio applications or as sensors in accelerometers and vortex flow meters.

Piezoelectric Aerial Transducers from CTS Corporation on white background

Aerial Transducers

Transducers that enable non-contact measurements of low acoustic impedance substances such as gasses.

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CTS can help decide on material properties to deliver products that meet the unique requirements of your project. Work with a technical expert to begin your design today.

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