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Printed Piezo

CTS printed piezo material on white background

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CTS printed piezo covers the deposition of piezoceramic thick film onto various industry-common substrates such as silicon, glass and porous ceramics, or low-temperature subsrates including textiles, flex-PCB and polymers. The thick film deposition onto flat surfaces is carried out via standard screen printing. For more complex surface structures, CTS has developed a unique printing method similar to pad printing. This method allows for the deposition of active piezoelectric film layers on substrates with a radius of curvature down to 10mm.

Printed piezo thick films from CTS are well-suited for wearables, high-frequency ultrasonic imaging and Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as they can provide sensing and actuation without any significant increase in system size.   


CTS printed piezo thick film products are utilized in markets and applications such as:

  • Transducers in the 10-60 MHz Range
  • MEMS Accelerometers
  • Wearables
  • Phased and Annular Arrays
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Advanced Wound Healing


Printed Piezo Thick Film Solutions

CTS offers rigid or flexible printed piezo thick films made from various piezoceramic PZT materials, deposited on industry-common substrates. As we continue to grow our expertise to encompass new substrates, we will happily help you develop and produce new solutions for your application. Explore our capabilities below, and feel free to contact our printed piezo experts with details of your specific challenge or need.       

Piezoelectric InSensorTM Thick Film chip on fingertip

InSensor™ Rigid Thick Films

InSensor™ is a printed piezo solution for rigid surfaces, offering a flexible, cost-effective alternative to bulk piezoceramics, owing to its additive manufacturing approach. It can be applied on curved surfaces in order to focus the ultrasonic energy, or it can be fitted with complex electrode geometries to create phased arrays. InSensor™ thick films are particularly suited for ultrasonic imaging solutions in the 10-30MHz range such as skin imaging.        

InSensor™ Thick Films

PiezoPaintTM Flexible Patches from CTS Corporation

PiezoPaint™ Flexible Patches

PiezoPaint™ is an innovative piezoelectric solution, specifically developed with soft and flexible substrate compatibility in mind. PiezoPaint™ can easily be applied to flexible materials such as textiles, regular or flexible PCBs, plastics and paper. It can also be deposited onto large surfaces by means of common commercial printing techniques. It serves as a highly sensitive and broadly applicable alternative to PVDF materials, showing great promise in garment applications for sensing, actuation or energy harvesting. Another potential application is passive medical treatment where it can administer ultrasonic energy to stimulate cell regeneration and growth for active wound healing.   

PiezoPaint™ Flexible Patches

CTS InSensorTm Thick Film Microstructure

Printed Piezo Material Properties

CTS printed piezos are based on our industry grade PZT formulations that have been optimized for specific applications. Here, you can compare the properties of the materials used in our printed thick film solutions to see which material that suits your purpose. 

Printed Piezo Material Properties

CTS engineer looking at product

Partner with a Piezoelectric Specialist

CTS can help decide on material properties to deliver products that meet the unique requirements of your project. Work with a technical expert to begin your design today.

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