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PiezoPaint™ Flexible Patches

Long Strip of PiezoPaint

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PiezoPaint™ Flexible Patches

PiezoPaint™ is a novel piezoceramic solution designed for compatibility with flexible substrates such as textiles, PCBs, plastics and paper. It can easily be incorporated into soft materials such as garments serving as a buzzer or sensor. With a vast potential, CTS envisions a medical path for PiezoPaint™, and the solution is already showing great promise as a "smart bandage" capable of administering ultrasonic energy to stimulate wound recovery. CTS delivers a complete solution including substrate, piezoelectric film and electrodes.  



  • Flexible Substrate Compatibility
  • Low Curing Temperature (< 100 °C)
  • Higher Sensitivity Compared to PVDF Materials
  • Material-Efficient Additive Manufacturing Process
  • Scalable Process


  • Garment Sensors and Buzzers
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Smart Bandages
  • Low-Power Applications

Custom Solutions

PiezoPaint™ is an emerging piezoelectric solutions with great upside, and CTS is eager to discover and flesh out the full potential of the technology. We therefore encourage joint development with interested parties, offering samples of the material to those who would like to incorporate it into their applications. Feel free to contact us for more information on PiezoPaint™ development. 

PiezoPaint™ Specifications

Thick film products can be designed according to customer specifications.

The table below shows some of our capabilities.

Technical Specifications
Compatible Substrates Fabrics, Textiles, Metals, Polymers, Composites, PCB, FCB, Ceramics, Paper
Film Dimensions 1 to 200 mm
Film Thickness 100 to 200 µm
Pattern Size (Line or Gap) > 0.2 mm
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Partner with a Piezoelectric Specialist

CTS can help decide on material properties to deliver products that meet the unique requirements of your project. Work with a technical expert to begin your design today.

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