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Seat Position Sensors

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Seat Position Sensors

CTS develops and customizes a wide range of seating and occupant safety sensors, such as Seat Belt Tension Sensors, Seat Belt Buckle Switches, and Seat Track Position Sensors. Seat position sensors are devices designed to detect and monitor various parameters related to seating arrangements in a vehicle.



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Seat Track Position Sensors

Our seat track position sensor is an environmentally sealed, non-contacting sensor that works in conjunction with Occupant Classification Systems (OCS) and low-risk deployment airbags.

Long Stroke Sensor

A magneto-resistive (MR) element takes advantage of a material’s tendency to change its electrical resistance with a change in the direction of an externally applied magnetic field. The MR chip works in magnetic saturation, meaning that it does not sense the magnitude but rather the direction of the applied magnetic field. The MR element is protected from magnetic interference, an important feature in automotive applications. 

Traditionally, Hall-effect sensing functions by creating a voltage potential proportional to the magnetic field strength. On the other hand, the anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) functions by varying the electrical resistance through the device depending on the direction of the magnetic field across the element. Additionally, a typical Hall sensor solution will require multiple Hall-Effect Device (HED) chips along the entire stroke to detect the movement of a magnet. This makes the MR sensor up to 40% more cost-effective since it requires only a single chip to detect the target’s position throughout the whole stroke length.

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  • Hermetically sealed
  • Part packages can be adapted to fit tight spaces per the application needs
  • Available in fixed and moving magnet configurations
  • MR designs allow the position of the seat throughout its travel to be detected.
  • MR design allows this sensor to be adapted to non-power seats
  • MR design does not use any moving parts within the sensor and is intended to be a non-contacting sensing solution
  • Available with an integrated harness and connectors
  • Compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and global occupancy safety regulations
  • Customized and standard solutions are available

Seat Adjustment and Memory Settings: Advanced seat sensors enable automatic adjustment of seat positions based on the detected occupant's size and preferences. Memory settings can be programmed to remember individual occupants' preferred seating positions.

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