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Chassis Position Sensors

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Chassis Ride Height Sensor

Chassis height sensing is a specific application of our rotary sensor technology. Chassis height sensors measure the position of the control arms relative to the frame or body of the vehicle. This information is used in systems such as headlight leveling and real-time dampening. Our experience and expertise in this application enable us to accommodate a variety of mounting angles, difficult packaging, and robust sealing required for under-chassis applications. With a global team of application engineers, we can package one of our generic, tooled-for-sale sensors or develop a custom product that is unique for your application.


Chassis Ride Height Sensors

Chassis ride height sensors measure the distance between the vehicle's chassis or body and the ground. These sensors are crucial components in vehicles equipped with adjustable suspension systems, enabling precise control of ride height for improved comfort, handling, and stability.

CTS Chassis sensors are built on a standard range of products that are packaged for application by our sensor engineers to fit the vast range of applications where they are used.  We offer a wide range of electrical output options as well as a return spring in application where this is required.

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  • Features
  • Applications
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  • Proven performance and reliability in rugged environments

  • Customized and standard solutions available

  • Multiple electrical interfaces: PWM, Analogue, PSI 5

  • Best-in-class sealing of electronics:  No potting required (US Patent 9,134,200)

  • Optional spring return

  • CTS will custom package our sensor solution into any vehicle environment to ensure performance across all application requirements 

  • Off-Road Vehicles: Ride height sensors are commonly used in off-road vehicles, SUVs, and trucks with adjustable air suspension systems. They help maintain ground clearance and stability over uneven terrain, providing a smoother ride and improved off-road performance.

  • Luxury Vehicles: High-end luxury vehicles often feature adjustable suspension systems with ride height sensors to enhance ride comfort and handling. These sensors ensure the vehicle maintains a consistent ride height, regardless of load or driving conditions.

  • Performance Vehicles: Sports cars and performance vehicles may utilize ride height sensors in their adjustable suspension systems to optimize handling characteristics, such as reducing body roll during cornering or minimizing aerodynamic drag at high speeds.

  • Commercial Vehicles: Ride height sensors are also employed in commercial vehicles, such as buses and trucks, to maintain stability, improve ride quality, and ensure proper alignment of the chassis, especially when carrying varying loads.

  • Emergency Vehicles: Ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles often utilize adjustable suspension systems with ride height sensors to ensure stability and control during emergency maneuvers or when transporting heavy loads.

  • Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades: In aftermarket suspension upgrades or modifications, ride height sensors may be installed to enable adjustable suspension systems, allowing vehicle owners to customize their ride height for specific driving preferences or applications

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