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Transmission Position Sensors

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Transmission Sensors

We supply a variety of position sensors for transmission applications, including park/neutral gear, PRNDL, and clutch fork. Our high-temperature, hermetically sealed, cost-effective solutions provide quality solutions. We have the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to customize individual sensor needs while offering a full range of design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing services to fulfill diverse requirements.


Transmission Sensors

Applying similar technologies and capabilities, our speed sensors are ideally suited for transmission input and output (TISS/TOSS) applications. These sensors can be supplied as either standalone products or as part of a sensor module that combines speed, position, temperature, and pressure. Environmentally sealed and can be provided in integral connector or pigtail packaging. Our laser-welded seal offers the ability to reduce costs and improve reliability on the electronic chip by preventing induced stresses on mechanical joints internal to the product. Package diameters can also be reduced to measurements as small as 10mm in diameter.

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Transmission with box showing where a transmission range sensor could be mounted

  • Full range of transmission position and speed sensors available

  • Proven performance and reliability in rugged transmission environments

  • Side and end read speed sensor options available

  • Customized and standard solutions available

  • Available with an integrated harness and connectors

  • Gear Selection: Transmission position sensors are primarily used to determine which gear the transmission is currently in, whether it's park (P), reverse (R), neutral (N), drive (D), or any other gear position in an automatic transmission. In manual transmissions, they can also indicate the gear engaged.
  • Starting System: In automatic vehicles, the transmission position sensor ensures that the engine can only start in the 'Park' or 'Neutral' positions, preventing the vehicle from moving unexpectedly.
  • Safety Systems: Transmission position sensors play a role in safety systems such as traction control and stability control. They provide input to these systems to ensure proper functioning based on the current gear and driving conditions.
  • Engine Management: The information from the transmission position sensor is used by the engine control unit (ECU) to adjust engine parameters such as fuel delivery and ignition timing, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency based on the driving conditions.
  • Diagnostic Tools: Transmission position sensors also aid in diagnosing transmission-related issues. If the sensor detects a discrepancy between the gear selected and the actual transmission position, it can trigger a warning light on the dashboard, alerting the driver to a potential problem.
  • Adaptive Transmission Systems: In vehicles equipped with adaptive transmission systems, the information from the transmission position sensor is used to adjust shift points and transmission behavior based on driving habits and road conditions, providing a smoother and more responsive driving experience.
  • Cruise Control: In some vehicles, transmission position sensors are used to control the engagement and disengagement of cruise control systems, ensuring that cruise control can only be activated when the vehicle is in an appropriate gear.
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