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Turbo Position Sensors

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Turbo Position Sensors

Our linear sensors are engineered to keep vehicles in compliance with worldwide emissions and performance requirements. These sensors provide feedback to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and are used extensively in turbocharger applications, including variable vane and wastegate systems.

A linear position sensor can play a crucial role in turbocharged systems by providing accurate feedback on the position of various components, enabling precise control and optimization of boost pressure, airflow, and turbocharger performance to enhance engine efficiency, responsiveness, and reliability.


Linear Position Sensors

Our linear sensors have been designed, tested, and proven effective in extremely harsh environmental conditions. Common among all our components, our linear sensors meet or exceed design and customer specifications as proven through extensive field testing. We offer both contacting and non-contacting linear position sensors for turbo control which are designed to be integrated into the pneumatic actuator in both vacuum and pressure applications.

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  • Proven performance and reliability in rugged turbocharger environments 

  • Non-Contacting two-piece system have no mechanical wear 

  • Operational temperatures up to 160°C 

  • Flexible travel options with up to 25mm available 

  • Multiple electrical interfaces including pulse with modulation (PWM) and analogue 

  • Wastegate Actuator Position Sensor: Many turbocharged engines use a wastegate to regulate boost pressure. The wastegate actuator is responsible for controlling the position of the wastegate valve. A linear position sensor can be integrated into the wastegate actuator mechanism to provide feedback to the engine control unit (ECU) about the exact position of the wastegate valve. This information allows the ECU to precisely control the wastegate, adjusting boost pressure as needed to optimize engine performance and prevent overboost situations.

  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) Position Sensor: Some turbocharged engines utilize variable geometry turbochargers, where the geometry of the turbine housing can be adjusted to optimize performance at different engine speeds and loads. A linear position sensor can be employed to monitor the position of the vanes or blades inside the turbocharger. By providing feedback on the position of the VGT components, the sensor enables the ECU to adjust the turbocharger geometry accordingly, maximizing engine efficiency and responsiveness across the entire operating range.

  • Turbocharger Vane Position Sensor: In certain turbocharger designs, especially those with variable geometry, individual vanes or blades inside the turbocharger can be adjusted to control boost pressure and airflow. A linear position sensor can be used to monitor the position of these vanes, allowing the ECU to precisely regulate boost pressure and optimize engine performance based on operating conditions.

  • Compressor Bypass Valve Position Sensor: Turbocharged engines equipped with a compressor bypass valve, also known as a blow-off valve or diverter valve, may utilize a linear position sensor to monitor the position of the valve. This sensor helps the ECU determine when to open or close the bypass valve, releasing excess boost pressure during throttle lift-off or other transient conditions to protect the turbocharger and maintain stable engine operation.

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