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Throttle Position Sensors

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Throttle Position Sensors

CTS designs and manufactures throttle position sensors for harsh environments or for under the hood applications. A throttle position sensor is a critical component of the engine management system, helping to ensure proper fuel delivery and engine performance based on driver input and operating conditions. In many applications, the Engine Control Module (ECM) needs to know the position of other components to operate optimally. The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) sends an electrical signal to the ECM which indicates the angle of the throttle valve and helps calculate proper air/fuel ratios.



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Contacting Throttle Sensors

Our contacting throttle sensors employ a wiper arm internally linked to a moving component that interfaces with a resistor. As the wiper traverses the resistor, the sensor's signal output varies. The closer it aligns with the VC voltage, the greater the signal output. Our 525-Series contacting throttle position sensors showcase an economical, resilient design enhanced by patented technology and a compact hermetically sealed enclosure, mitigating the risk of moisture and debris ingress. Featuring a broad temperature range spanning from -40°C to 150°C, our throttle position sensor is optimally tailored for under-hood applications.

Non-Contacting Throttle Sensors

In demanding environments, the highly compact 583-Series Rotary Position Sensor offers a durable solution, delivering precise performance even in conditions reaching up to 160°C, perfect for applications demanding up to 360° of rotational movement. Employing non-contacting Hall-effect technology, the sensor's electronics remain sealed from the operating environment, making it ideal for both light and commercial vehicle applications. The advanced technology of the 583-Series not only serves as the foundation for a new line of CTS sensors but also stands as the preferred choice for transmission, throttle and variable valve timing/lift applications.

Small Engine Throttle Sensors

The CTS 500 series single-ear rotary position sensor is suitable for small engine throttle plate position sensing and other similar applications where available space for an external feedback sensor is limited. Much like the automotive industry, small engine manufacturers are experiencing some of the same demands for worldwide emissions control and improved performance. We offer many position sensor solutions that meet the requirements of various applications.

  • Features
  • Applications
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  • Full range of products which are suitable for two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles

  • Non-contacting and contacting technology options

  • Customized and standard solutions available

  • Operational temperatures up to 160°C

  • Compatible with multiple drive shaft designs

  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise options

Throttle position sensors (TPS) have a wide range of applications, primarily in the automotive industry, but they are also used in other industries where precise control of throttle or valve position is necessary. CTS provides standard and advanced solutions for the automotive industry but has capabilities to design and implement in applications for harsher environments from Marine to extreme cold to dirt debris.

  • Electronic Throttle Control (ETC): In vehicles equipped with electronic throttle control (also known as drive-by-wire), throttle position sensors directly interface with the accelerator pedal sensor and control the throttle valve electronically, eliminating the need for a mechanical throttle cable. This system offers more precise control over throttle response and enables features like traction control, stability control, and cruise control.
  • Transmission Control: Throttle position sensor data is used by the transmission control module (TCM) in automatic transmissions to optimize shift points and torque converter lockup strategies based on driver input and engine load conditions. This helps improve drivability, fuel economy, and overall vehicle performance.
  • Fuel Injection Systems: Throttle position sensors play a key role in fuel injection systems, especially in electronic fuel injection (EFI) and throttle-by-wire systems. They provide real-time feedback to the ECU regarding the position of the throttle valve, allowing the ECU to adjust fuel delivery and optimize air-fuel mixture ratios for efficient combustion and engine performance.

  • Cruise Control Systems: Throttle position sensors are utilized in cruise control systems to maintain a constant vehicle speed set by the driver. The ECU adjusts throttle opening based on inputs from the throttle position sensor to modulate engine power and keep the vehicle cruising at the desired speed without manual throttle input.
  • Performance Tuning: Throttle position sensors are also utilized in aftermarket performance tuning applications, where they provide valuable feedback for optimizing engine mapping, air-fuel ratios, and throttle response to enhance vehicle performance and drivability.
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