High Speed Position Sensors

CTS High Speed Position Sensors

CTS sensors have an accuracy level of <1% at speeds <240,000 eRPMs. Designed using inductive technology,

our position sensors can be customized for unique customer application needs.

Specially Engineered for High Speed

Our latest custom sensors provide a reliable, integrated solution that will continuously perform in any vehicle utilizing an electric motor. A variety of mounting options are available, including end-of-shaft.

With the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) and consumer demands for smart features, CTS began designing solutions to fit the needs of this rapidly evolving market, including DC and AC current sensors. Our technology is also behind many interior sensors, to detect seat belt tension and seat track position. The EV market has unique needs, and CTS has the expertise to make the transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles seamless for both manufacturers and customers.

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